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Brehms Tierleben. Allgemeine Kunde des Tierreichs

Author Brehm, Alfred Edmund
Title Brehms Tierleben. Allgemeine Kunde des Tierreichs
Imprint Leipzig / Wien: Bibliographisches Institut
Date of Publication 1890-1893
Language German
Notes This is the third and entirely revised edition of Alfred Brehm's famous Tierleben or 'The life of animals' of 1890-1893. One of its most attractive features is the fact that it is beautifully illustrated - there are in fact 1800 illustrations, 9 maps and 180 coloured lithographs. Alfred Edmund Brehm (1829-1884) first followed in the footsteps of his famous ornithologist father Christian Ludwig Brehm, but soon expanded his field of interest to include all classes and species of animals. After a five year exploration of Africa, Brehm studied natural sciences in Jena from 1853 to 1855. He published the first edition of his Illustrirtes Thierleben in 6 volumes between 1864 and 1869. In 1999 Brehm's Tierleben was made available on 4 CDs. It is still the standard reference work on the life of animals in German. It deals with mammals (vol. 1-3), birds (vol. 4-6), reptiles and amphibians (vol. 7), fish (vol. 8), insects (vol. 9) and articulates (vol. 10). Although this third edition was published six years after Brehm's death and incorporated new scientific evidence, the editor E. Pechuel-Loesche saw it as his duty to retain Brehm's original structure and overall conception because it had been so successful in the frst place. The NLS currently has no copies of the original German text, only a Russian translation (1896-1903) and Brehm's zoological atlas, which contains a collection of the illustrations from the Tierleben. The only other copy of the 10 volume set (wanting the index volume) is available at Edinburgh University Library, with other holdings largely concentrated in the British Library and the Wellcome Library.
Shelfmark AB.4.203.04
Reference Sources Leibniz-Rechenzentrum der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften: Lexica und Wissensportale Geschichte, Verlage, Texte.
Acquired on 03/03/03
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