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Holy Bible containing the bookes of the Old and New Testament

Title Holy Bible containing the bookes of the Old and New Testament
Imprint Cambridge
Date of Publication 1660
Language English
Notes This is a beautifully printed folio Bible with a distinguished provenance. It was owned by the 1st Earl of Rosebery, an ancestor of the 5th Earl , a prominent benefactor to the National Library of Scotland in its early years. It is a reissue of Field's large folio of 1659 with a number of striking full page illustrations by prominent engravers including Ogilby, Hollar and Visscher. Samuel Pepys was interested in acquiring a copy, but decided it was too large for his purposes (See Darlow & Moule 525). The earliest recorded owner was Sir Archibald Primrose, Lord Carrington, (1616-1679) a supporter of Montrose, who in 1646 was tried and condemned for treason at the parliament of St. Andrews. He was knighted by Charles II and made a baronet in 1651. Out of office during the Protectorate, he was, after the Restoration appointed a lord of session, a lord of Exchequer and a member of the Privy Council. The Bible then passed to his son, also Archibald Primrose, (of Dalmeny) the first Earl of Rosebery, (1664-1723), member of Parliament for Edinburgh 1695-1700 and one of the commissioners for the Union with England. The latter's books were sold at auction shortly after his death by his son, James ca. (1691-1755), who inherited the baronetage in 1741. William Foulis, then bought the Bible and gifted it to another member of the Rosebery family, James Justice, great grandson of Lord Carrington. The Bible appeared to pass out of the hands of the Roseberys in 1746, when it was purchased by Edward Wright in Edinburgh for 5.0.0. From 1786 until at least 1828 it was the family Bible of Alexander Charles Maitland Gibson and Helen Gibson of Clifton Hall, Edinburgh. At the front of the volume are manuscript notes recording the births, baptisms and - in some cases - deaths of their 13 children.
Shelfmark RB.l.114
Acquired on 02/04/01
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