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Histoire de la maison de Stuart [de Tudor]

Author Hume, David
Title Histoire de la maison de Stuart [de Tudor]
Imprint Londres
Date of Publication 1761
Language French
Notes This is the first duodecimo edition in French of this part of David Hume's History of Great Britain. This 6-volume set is accompanied by a 6-volume duodecimo set of Hume's Histoire de la maison de Tudor (Amsterdam, 1763). Hume actually wrote the volumes on the Stuarts first, only turning later to the Tudors (and then to the Plantagenets). The Library collects translations of Scottish works written during the Enlightenment, as evidence for the influence of Scottish thought on Europe as a whole. The Stuart set was translated by A.-F. Prevost, the Tudor set was translated by Octavie Guichard (Mme. Belot). This is a handsome set in a contemporary binding; the volumes have both early and later bookplates.
Shelfmark RB.s.2327 and RB.s.2328
Reference Sources ESTC T229804 Jessop, Bibliography of David Hume, p.32
Acquired on 02/07/04
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