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Des Ritters Ramsay reisender Cyrus

Author Ramsay, Andrew Michael
Title Des Ritters Ramsay reisender Cyrus
Imprint Hamburg: heirs of Thomas von Wiering
Date of Publication 1728
Language German
Notes This is the first German edition of this important novel by a Scottish-born writer. Andrew Michael Ramsay (1686-1743) was a philosopher and mystic who converted to Catholicism but continued to argue for the underlying unity of all religions. Spending much of his adult life in Paris, he served the exiled Jacobite court and befriended David Hume; he also gave hospitality to the Glasgow printers Andrew and Robert Foulis. In 1727 he published 'Les voyages de Cyrus', and an English translation entitled 'The travels of Cyrus'appeared the same year. Based on the life of the first Persian emperor known as Cyrus the Great, this work anticipates the development of the novel during the later 18th century. The hero travels around the Mediterranean, learning about religion and morality in preparation for becoming ruler over many nations.
Shelfmark RB.s.2608
Reference Sources G. D. Henderson, 'Chevalier Ramsay', 1952
Acquired on 17/08/05
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