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Foirceadul aith-ghearr cheasnuighe [The shorter catechism]

Author Westminster Assembly
Title Foirceadul aith-ghearr cheasnuighe [The shorter catechism]
Imprint Glas-gho: Anna Orr
Date of Publication 1776
Language Scottish Gaelic
Notes Books in Scottish Gaelic are a key part of the National Library's collections, and we acquire such items wherever possible. This is a good copy of an eighteenth-century catechism, which also includes the alphabet, the Ten Commandments, various prayers, and a guide to numbers in arabic and roman. It was clearly designed for educational purposes. The book is particularly interesting as it was printed for a woman publisher, Anna Orr.
Shelfmark ABS.1.205.031
Reference Sources SBTI Scottish Gaelic Union Catalogue 2769
Acquired on 13/09/05
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