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Izsliedovaniia o bogatstvie narodov.

Author Smith, Adam.
Title Izsliedovaniia o bogatstvie narodov.
Imprint Moscow: Izd. K.T. Soldatenkova,
Date of Publication 1895
Language Russian
Notes This is an important addition to the National Library's collection of translations of Adam Smith's landmark work 'An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations', published in 1776. The first Russian edition appeared in the early 19th century. However this volume of selections is the only Russian edition of Smith works held by the Library. This edition was translated by K.T. Soldatenkov who earlier in his career had connections with Russian revolutionaries in London. The book formerly was part of the collection of the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg.
Shelfmark RB.s.2654
Acquired on 02/04/07
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