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The Glasgow Chronicle, no. 1706-no. 2377

Title The Glasgow Chronicle, no. 1706-no. 2377
Imprint Glasgow: D. Prentice & Co.
Date of Publication 1822-1826
Language English
Notes This volume contains c. 175 issues of "The Glasgow Chronicle" covering the years 1822 to 1826. The newspaper was founded and edited by David Prentice, who bought over the "Glasgow Sentinel" title, with the first issue appearing in 1811. Prentice was a pioneer among provincial newspapermen in introducing editorials. His newspaper was published tri-weekly, priced 7d, and one of the first liberal newspapers in Scotland, calling for the end of the Corn Laws. In this volume there are several articles and letters on the subject of the abolition of slavery. The newspaper continued until 1857.
Shelfmark AB.10.208.09
Reference Sources Bookseller's catalogue
Acquired on 21/11/08
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