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Slander retorted or L-r's thanks

Author Niel Douglas
Title Slander retorted or L-r's thanks
Imprint Greenock: N. Douglas
Date of Publication 1803
Language English
Notes An early, unrecorded, example of Greenock printing. The work is a polemic by Niel Douglas (1750-1823), an outspoken poet and minister of the Relief church, defending himself against his critics, in particular Kenneth Bayne (d. 1821), minister of the Gaelic chapel in Greenock (Douglas himself was a fluent speaker of Gaelic). The work which was printed by and for Douglas ends with a poem "A whip for the bigot". It is not surprising that Douglas moved to Glasgow in 1805, having outstayed his welcome in Greenock.
Shelfmark AB.2.215.23
Reference Sources Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Acquired on 28/08/15
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