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Free kicks at football.

Author Benedict & Saunders Wylie
Title Free kicks at football.
Imprint Glasgow: William Love
Date of Publication 1882
Language 1882
Notes A very rare piece of early football ephemera, this 19-page pamphlet is separated into two different sections, written by two pseudonymous authors 'Benedict' and 'Saunders Wylie'. The whole volume is interspersed with satirical and humorous hand drawn cartoons by 'Jingo'. It consists of a series of humorous poems and pieces, reminiscent of political sketches popular at the time, relating to the rapidly developing sport of association football in Scotland. Only two other copies of this work are recorded, one in Glasgow and one in the USA.
Shelfmark AP.1.215.34
Reference Sources Glasgow Universitly Library Special Collections website
Acquired on 23/10/15
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