Index of published monumental inscriptions

This database gives details of monumental inscriptions held in the National Library of Scotland's collections.
List last updated: 30 April 2018.

Inscriptions - General Works:

Name:Campbell, T.
Description:       Standing witnesses: a guide to the Scottish Covenanters and their memorials with a historical introduction. 1996.
Shelfmark:Hist.S.17.c.2 and HP2.96.3828

Description:       Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions, chiefly in Scotland. 1834.
Shelfmark:Hall.191.e and BCL.C1563

Name:Gibson, J.
Description:       Inscriptions on the Tombstones and Monuments Erected in Memory of the Covenanters, with historical introduction and notes. [1881].

Name:Horbury, B.
Description:       An index of immigrants from Galloway who died in England or the West Indies. c1998.

Name:Mitchell, A.
Description:       Burial Grounds in Scotland: an index of unpublished Monumental Inscriptions. 1991. (A photocopy of this list is kept in the SRR with the print-out of this bibliography.)

Name:Rogers, C.
Description:       Monuments and Monumental Inscriptions in Scotland. 2v. 1871.

Name:Wild, M.E.
Description:       Natives of Scotland in the monumental inscriptions from Kent County, Ontario, Canada. [1997?]

Name:Willsher, B.
Description:       How to Record Scottish Graveyards. 1985.

Name:Willsher, B.
Description:       Stones: a Guide to Some Remarkable Eighteenth Century Gravestones. 1978.

Name:Willsher, B.
Description:       Understanding Scottish Graveyards: an Interpretative Approach. 1985 and 1995
Shelfmark:HP1.85.4297 and HP1.96.1967