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academic research
— genealogy
access to George IV Bridge Building — for people with disabilities
access to Causewayside Building — for people with disabilities
admission enquiries
advance ordering
Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries
annual review and annual report
Antarctica — foreign collections
apply for a library card
architecture — foreign collections
art books — foreign collections
artists' books — rare book collections
Arts and Crafts — Phoebe Anna Traquair manuscript
audio recordings of events
Audubon exhibition (summer 2006)
Australian collections


Bartholomew Archive
beekeeping — rare book collection
bibliographies database — Scottish Bibliographies online
Blaeu Atlas
bookbinding competition
bookbindings (rare, decorative)
Board of the National Library of Scotland
boardroom hire
borrowing books — inter-library lending
British collections
Burns, Robert
business resources


calotype albums
Canadian collections
collection policies
catalogue — main catalogue search
catalogues and databases overview
catalogues — manual
children's books — rare books
Churchill, Winston
collections care (preservation and conservation)
conservation — see collections care
consulting the collections — General Reading Room
consulting the collections — Special Collections Reading Room
copying — permission requirements
copying services
corporate hire — boardroom
customer charter



Darwin — history of 'On the origin of species'
departments (and staff) directory
digitised items from Library collections — see Digital Gallery
Discover — National Library of Scotland magazine
Donald Dewar Lecture — Edinburgh International Book Festival
document supply
donors guide — donating items to the collections
donors — make a financial donation to the National Library


early books (before 1501)
early Gaelic book collections
East European collections
emigration — stories of Scottish emigration ('Scots abroad' web feature)
emigration — databases listing emigrants' correspondence and guides
engravings of 17th-century Scotland — 'Slezer's Scotland'
eResources (formerly called licensed digital collections)
EU referendum 2016
evidence of identification (for library card)


family history
films — Moving Image Archive (formerly Scottish Screen Archive)
films — short videos made by Library film group
first reader's ticket
Folio — archive of former National Library journal
food — Year of Food and Drink 2015
Food history — manuscripts
foreign collections
French collections


Gaelic books — early collections — read online
Gaelic collections — manuscripts

Gaelic collections — rare books
leabhraichean tearca Gàidhlig — cruinneachaidhean leabhraichean tearca
general library card
George IV Bridge — celebrating 50 years — selected items from 50 years of collecting
German collections
golf manuscript collections
government publications
group tours and visits



Haig, General Douglas
Hansel and Gretel writing competitions (November 2012)
how to register


images (copying of)
India Papers
inter-library lending
Inter-Library Services — see Document supply
Italian collections



John Murray Archive
John Murray Archive app



'Kidnapped' — entire first English edition online
Kirk Papers — Sir John Kirk


Learning Zone
legal deposit
Legal Deposit Libraries Act (selections)
library cards
licensed digital collections — see eResources
local history — maps
local history — historical club and society documents guide ('Scottish History in Print' web feature)
location map


main catalogue search
main catalogue overview
manual catalogues summary
manuscript catalogues and guides
manuscripts collections
manuscripts — medieval
manuscripts — modern Scottish literature
map collections
maps online
Mary Queen of Scots — her last letter before execution
Medical History of British India — India Papers
modern Scottish collections
Moving Image Archive
mountaineering — foreign collections
Muriel Spark
music material


National Library — a brief history
National Library's first reader
national moving images collection — see Moving Image Archive (formerly Scottish Screen Archive)
National Poetry Day
newspapers collections
newspapers — directory of US and Canadian papers in Scottish libraries
National Library customer charter
National Library publications publications



official publications
online book request system guide
online registration
'Oor Wullie's guide tae Scots language'
opening hours
overseas government publications


painting — foreign collections
parliamentary publications
permission to copy items
Phoebe Anna Traquair
photocopying services
photographs — ordering copies
photographs of John Thomson
photography collections (early)
photography — foreign collections
photography — calotype album online — 'Pencils of Light' web feature
poetry — National Poetry Day
polar collections
political and diplomatic papers
political press releases (Scottish)
policy documents
Polish collections
Pont's maps
portable computers in General Reading Room
postcard collections
preservation — see collections care
press releases (National Library)
printing in Scotland — 'The spread of Scottish printing' web feature
privacy statement
procurement — contracts and tenders
propaganda — Second World War
public holidays
publishers guide — about legal deposit and getting images for publication



Quarto — archive of former Library magazine


rare books
Rare Books in Scotland forum
reader's ticket — see library cards
reading rooms
register online — for reading room access and selected electronic material
reprographic services
Russian collections


Scandinavian collections
schools — see Learning Zone
Scotland and the slave trade
Scottish Bibliographies Online
Scottish history on film — see Moving Image Archive (formerly Scottish Screen Archive)
scientists — 'Scottish Science Hall of Fame' web feature
Scots Abroad
Scots language — 'Oor Wullie' resource for schools
Scott, Walter — Millgate union catalogue of Scott correspondence
Scott, Walter — treasures display
Scottish Book Trade Index
Scottish collections
Scottish Enlightenment
Scottish Literature in Translation — bibliography (BOSLIT)
Scottish Maps Forum
Scottish Parliament publications
Scottish political press releases 1999-2004
Scottish printing — 'The spread of Scottish printing' web feature
Scottish Theatre Programmes database
Scottish writers (photographs) — 'The Write Stuff' web feature
sculpture — foreign collections
search service (from November 2013)
short-term library card
Second World War propaganda
Slavonic collections
Slezer, John — 'Slezer's Scotland' web feature
Social networking
South Asian collections
Soviet Union posters
Spanish collections
Spanish rare books — Astorga collection
Special and Named Printed Collections — database with details of special collections
sport collections
staff and departments
Stevenson, Robert Louis
students — short-term card
suffragettes — 'A guid cause' learning feature


theatre — 12 key Scottish plays 1970-2010
theatre — Scottish Theatre Programmes database
theatre playbills — Theatre Royal, Edinburgh
theatre resources: plays, posters and playbills — rare book collections
Thomson, John — photographs
topics list — general list of subjects covered on the collections pages
town plans of 19th century Scotland
trade union papers — manuscripts collection
trustees — see Board of the National Library of Scotland



United Nations publications
Union of the Crowns
Union of Parliaments


video guides on how to use the Library
visual arts — foreign collections



war — experiences of the First World War
war — military maps of Scotland (18th century)
war — Second World War propaganda
website accessibility statement
women's suffrage movement in Scotland



Year of Food and Drink 2015